This Foundation was established in memory of a remarkable person, a talented businessman, a philosopher, who was dreaming of helping the talented scientists with any researches regarding the development of transplantology and related medical fields

About Maxim

Maxim Klimov is known in the world history of business as a brilliant strategist, a creator of one of the largest perfume and cosmetics store chain L'Etoile that became really the Empire of Beauty. The company established in 1997 now amounts about 900 stores being the undisputed world leader in the industry, permanently increasing its market share and its presence in the Russian Federation cities.

Maxim was a Person of global thinking; he introduced fearlessly new concepts, categories and trends in business taking ungraded, sometimes even revolutionary solutions. His activity could not be limited with only one project - he expanded the business frames, opened new companies. He was always interested in innovations, in new trends and developments. Untiring energy, bright acute mind, passionate desire to live and to create did not give the people around even a hint at the serious illness of this strong-will man. Maxim helped, supported, financed, and gave way to the lives of many people, trying to do it quietly, always remaining a mistery.

Medicine got to his sphere of interests, he became enthusiastic about the latest developments, and dreamt of creating a scientific research fund to support talented young scientists. He did not manage to complete this project; his life was discontinued at the most bright moment...

Maxim’s closest people decided to realize that idea. Suffusing with Maxim’s will his relatives and friends established a charity fund aimed at the support of further development of transplantology and related medical trends, such as immunology, study of stem cells and other aspects.